1. Temporary Limited Access

Cloudsweeper uses OAuth2 to connect to your GMail account, so that we never have to ask for your Google credentials. OAuth means you stay in control of your account, can revoke access anytime you'd like, and your username and password stay secure and private.

2. Scanning for Risks

Our system programtically checks your email archives, looking for the kinds of things that hackers are interested in. This includes things like access to other accounts, account credentials, and other things attackers are interested in stealing. Humans never see your data, and statistics about your account are only kept if you opt in.

3. Threat Report

Once the scan is complete, the audit will show what was found, and what other accounts you use an attacker could gain access to through your GMail account. Recent underground prices for these accounts will let you know a rough estimate of whaty our email account is worth to these attackers.