Cloudsweeper Privacy Policy

What data do you collect about users?

We are collecting summarized, statistical information regarding re-use of passwords, desire for passwords to be redacted from their cloud-based email storage, and the frequency with which these types of information occur in cloud-based email storage. Most importantly, we do NOT store your name, your email address, or any of your private information. All recorded information is associated with an anonymous identifier which we cannot link back to your account name or other private information. If you do not consent to study participation, we save absolutely no data about your use of this tool.

How do you collect this data?

We collect this data from users' gmail accounts using the OAuth authorization protocol. This allows users to give us access without entering their password on our site, and allows users to revoke this access at any time. To find and redact sensitive information, code on our servers performs searches and updates against users' email accounts. Human beings never see your email, and no private information is saved on our servers after the email is accessed.

What will this data be used for?

This anonymized data is part of research that studies password re-use, password communication, and alternative password management strategies.

How do you protect users' data?

Email messages are stored only in memory and are inaccessible as soon as a user has logged out. We only access the email messages on your account that are necessary to the execution of this tool. We employ industry standard techniques to protect against unauthorized access to our servers.

How do you share data?

We share anonymous data about users who visit the homepage with Google Analytics - we do not track users during their use of the tool, only when they visit the home page. If a user consents to participation in the research study, we will share aggregate statistical information regarding our findings through open-access academic publications. Without consent to participate in the study, we will share no information regarding your use of this tool.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will post any changes to the privacy policy here.

Contact information

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