1. Temporary Gmail Access

Cloudsweeper uses OAuth2 to connect to your GMail account, so that you never have to share us with your GMail credentials. OAuth means you stay in control of your account, can revoke access anytime you'd like, and your username and password stay secure and private.

2. Scanning for Passwords

Our system programtically looks through your email to find plain text passwords in the same way a hacker or spy might. You'll then be presented with a list of found passwords that you can, optionally, redact from your account or encrypt.

3. Encrypt or Redact

If you choose, we will remove or encrypt any of the passwords found in your account. If you choose to encrypt the found passwords, we'll use strong encryption to secure these credentials, and then present you with a key and a QR code you can use to later decrypt this information. Only you will have the key, so only you will be able to access these credentials in the future, keeping your account safer from hackers, spys and malicious users.